Ascension Music In Mixmag And Dreamstate Support

2017 was a fantastic year for Ascension Music and 2018 is already off to an amazing start. 

Charlotte Mills McCabe
January 5, 2018

From radio airplay, festival support and editorial reviews, 2017 was an amazing year for Ascension® Music, and 2018 is already shaping up to be another great year for the dance music brand.

November saw trance prodigy and FSOE/ASOT regular Arctic Moon, play the Metta & Glyde Remix of Public Domain’s “Amsterdam” live at LA’s Dream State Socal in front of thousands of party goers. The Ascension® Music team also interviewed two leading names in the industry, hard house queen Anne Savage and Swedish trance pioneer, Bjorn Akesson. For 2018, the love for Ascension® continues.



Kick-starting the year in epic fashion, the Ascension® Music release "Amsterdam (The Remixes)" from Public Domain featured in the Trance section on January’s clubbing bible, Mixmag. Given 7/10 from Ellie Hanaghan, the release was praised as a “relentless trance comeback”. Credit is given to Metta & Glyde for their remix hailed as “dark”, “In your face” and “energetic” and Sidious J for his “underground option”.


For Ascension Music it’s the third editorial review in a the space of a few months. To date the Ascension® brand has received so much love and support and we are truly grateful. There is plenty coming up in 2018 with all new house, trance and techno releases plus the new rebooted radio show, the Ascension® Selection.


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Charlotte Mills McCabe

Co-Founder and Marketing Director of Ascension® Music. Ascension® is the euphoria of the melody, the energy of the build up and the drive of the bassline. Ascension® is the raw emotion that makes music magical. She is the lazer lights in the dark. She is the energy that connects us all with the world around us. Ascension® is the fabrics of our universe and the cells that make us, all dancing to the rhythm of life. We are the Ascensionites.