Compilation Features For Ascension Artists

LW Recording compliation features for Half Way Young and Oxytocin.

Charlotte Mills McCabe
December 19, 2018

Congratulations to Ascension producers Sulaco and the team of Adam Wylie, Graham Williamson and Lynsey Liora for the being handpicked by the team at LW Recordings for up-and-coming compilation features.

The Ascension artists were chosen from thousands of new releases to feature on compilations showcasing the latest in uplifting and progressive trance. Sulaco's Oxytocin received support Sean Tyas support and made the Beatport Trance Hype Top 100. Graham Williamson & Adam Wylie's Half Way Young was very received and this will make the tune's second compilation feature.

Various Artists - Uplifting Trance Sessions, Vol. 11 [LW Recordings]

01. Eric Zimmer & Shawn Hunter - Terminal One (Extended Mix)
02. Manuel Rocca - Esperanza (Blue5even Remix)
03. August Vila - Morning Sadness (Original Mix)
04. Kevin Crowley - Windmills (Original Mix)
05. Nakhiya - Ornama (Original Mix)
06. NrgMind - Trip To Infinity (Original Mix)
07. Fancy Power - Sabetta (Radio Edit)
08. Pino Benji - Through The Gates (Original Mix)
09. The Cracken & Chellminsky - Tomorrow Belongs To Me (Original Mix)
10. Masaru Hinaiji Feat. Tsuku - Autumn Breath (Veizo Remix)
11. Michael Milov - In Your Mind (Extended Mix)
12. Ahmed helmy & Aly Sa - The End Of Era (Aly Sa Uplifting Mix)
13. Sentien - Beyond Our Time (Original Mix)
14. Eldream, Extense, Mark Wild - Pandora (Original Mix)
15. Andy Jornee - Light Speed (Original Mix)
16. Kenson - Iridescent (Original Mix)
17. Ben Ashley - Sweet Dreams (Original Mix)
18. Acues - Automatic Heart (HyperPhysics Remix)
19. Mark van Gear - Beautiful Memories Inside My Heart (Manuel Rocca Remix)
20. 4Joann - Green Angel Eyes (Extended Mix)
21. Alexey Ryasnyansky - Breeze (Original Mix)
22. Sulaco - Oxytocin (Original Mix)
23. Josh Kaelen - Oceans (Extended Mix)
24. Hypogean - Lost In Eternity (Simon Flash Remix)
25. Marcprest - Unforgettable (Physical Vibes Remix)

Out 28/12/18 on: Beatport | iTunes | Juno Download

Various Artists - Progressive Trance Selections, Vol. 08 [LW Recordings]

01. Mati - Lost In Sunshine (Original Mix)
02. Lukas Wieteszka - Neptune (Original Mix)
03. Elite Electronic - Mystery (Extended Mix)
04. 2sher & Martin Graff - Southern Lights (Extended Mix)
05. Henry Dark - Utopia (Original Mix)
06. 5unlight - Via Lactea (Extended Mix)
07. Jendrex - Railway (Original Mix)
08. Hydro 89 - Next Horizon (Original Mix)
09. Bravio - Rain (Extended Mix)
10. Gagauz - Flashback (Original Mix)
11. Qller - The Last Darkness (Original Mix)
12. Stefre Roland & Andrew Drummer - Absorbing Plutonium (Original Mix)
13. Ocean of Emotion - Sunrise (Original Mix)
14. Christina Novelli & DJ Xquizit - So Cold (Maratone Remix)
15. ArcAnum - Way Back When (Prodeeboy Remix)
16. Betelgeuze - Unnamed (Original Mix)
17. Alexander Chekomasov - Azimut (Original Mix)
18. Graham Williamson & Adam Wylie Featuring Lyndsey Liora - Half Way Young (Radio Edit)
19. The Magget - To The Moon & Back (Original Mix)
20. Sergey Shvets - See You (Original Mix)
21. Toast - From Here To There (Toast Remix)
22. Gordey Tsukanov - Levitation (Original Mix)
23. Allen Belg - Into You (Radio Edit)
24. Max Trumpetz - Infinite Horizon (Original Mix)
25. Yang & Michele C - If It All Burns Down (Extended Mix)

Out 28/12/18 on: Beatport | Juno Download

Charlotte Mills McCabe

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