D41M - The Power Of Dance Music For Good

The clubbing community and music industry has made a conscious move towards promoting sustainability with new initiative; D41M (Dance For One Metre).

With the rapid increase in population and demand for our planet’s finite resources, the environment has been damaged to such a degree it is imperative we do something immediately. Thanks to social media it is now easy to find the truth behind the costs of purchase habits, and millions are making changes, from recycling, to switching sustainable produce and an encouraging increase in people living on plant based diets. The clubbing community has contributed to the conscious movement for sustainability with a new initiative; D41M (Dance For One Metre).

After an inspiring experience at the Burning Man Festival, D41M organizers Richard Porteus and Tom Murray were inspired to unite party goers with a cause that we all feel akin to, and bring the clubbing world together to help preserve our planet.

The initiative has been rolled out worldwide and is rapidly gaining support. Early supporters include HRBR Project NYC, superclub Hi Ibiza and DJ producers Paul Oakenfold and Judge Jules. Partygoers save a metre of rainforest every time they purchase a ticket. Events at Hi Ibiza including performances by Black Coffee, Eric Prydz, Martin Garrix and Armin Van Buuren, are also included in the new program. Tickets for these events can be purchased here.

Supporters can use the technology of Google Earth to zoom into the coordinates of their land they’ve forever saved, protected by the Cuipo Foundation Rainforest Preserve in Brazil. 

An area of rainforest the size of Ibiza is lost every two days. That is equivalent to 31 million acres every year. Causes are attributed to logging, palm oil plantation and animal agriculture. Consequences are the release of carbon dioxide into our air further warming our climates, methane from cattle and other grazing animals, pollution, soil erosion and loss of species.


 Clubbers, venues and promoters can find out more and help protect the rainforests from deforestation at http://dancefor1m.com.

Charlotte Mills McCabe

Co-Founder and Marketing Director of Ascension® Music. Ascension® is the euphoria of the melody, the energy of the build up and the drive of the bassline. Ascension® is the raw emotion that makes music magical. She is the lazer lights in the dark. She is the energy that connects us all with the world around us. Ascension® is the fabrics of our universe and the cells that make us, all dancing to the rhythm of life. We are the Ascensionites.