Happy 18th: Millennium Anthems From The Year 2000

18 of the biggest club tracks from 2000 that turn 18 this year. 

It was the party of the century, or better still, the Millennium. Ravers the world over partied in the new year with veteran DJ and all round legend Carl Cox setting a record playing two parties on opposite sides of the world. 2000 was the year that brought us MTV Cribs, the iPod, the Nokia 3310 and Little Britain. It was the year Borat went Stateside, Brad married Jennifer, Bansky got his work in the Tate Modern, Planet Earth first aired and the world gave us Big Brother.

For clubland the scene was thriving, with house and euphoric trance really taking off as well as a new contender. While hard dance had been popular for years on the underground tip, it was starting to make it's way mainstream through the likes of Tidy, Public Domain and the Warp Brothers. Being the amazing year it was for club music, there are loads more tracks that we could have listed, so here's out pick of 18 that turn 18 this year.

Public Domain “Operation Blade (Bass In The Place)” Xtrahard



Mauro Picotto “Proxmius (Melody With Amadeus)” BXR



System F “Cry” Tsunami



Chocolate Puma “I Wanna Be U” JP Records



Norman Bass “How U Like Bass? (Warp Brothers Remix)" Dos Or Die



Angelic “It’s My Turn” Serious Records



Tiesto “Flight 643” Magik Muzik



Hi-Gate “Caned & Unable” Incentive



The Green Martian “Industry” Serious Records



Future Breeze “Smile” Alphabet City



Robbie Rivera Presents Rhythm Bangers “Bang” Milk & Sugar



Hennes & Cold “The Second Trip (DJ Scot Project Remix)” Tracid Traxx



Gouryella "Tenshi" Tsunami



Tony De Vit “The Dawn” Tidy Traxx



Lost Witness “7 Colours” Data Records



Cosmic Gate “Fire Wire” EMI



Lange “Follow Me” Positiva



SuReal “You Take My Breath Away (Lange Edit)” Cream

Charlotte Mills McCabe

Co-Founder and Marketing Director of Ascension® Music. Ascension® is the euphoria of the melody, the energy of the build up and the drive of the bassline. Ascension® is the raw emotion that makes music magical. She is the lazer lights in the dark. She is the energy that connects us all with the world around us. Ascension® is the fabrics of our universe and the cells that make us, all dancing to the rhythm of life. We are the Ascensionites.