Kutski Support For Public Domain

Hit The Reset gets the Keeping The Rave Alive treatment 

Andy Fullerlove
December 19, 2018

Congratulations to Ayrshire ravers Public Domain with support for their new release Hit The Reset from hard dance legend Kutski.

Featuring on episode 350 of the much loved dedication to the harder sounds in dance, Keeping The Rave Alive / KTRA, Hit The Reset kickstarts the show in epic fashion and features alongside fellow hard groovers Commander Tom, Technikore and Alex Kidd.

Public Domain is now the duo of producer James Allan and Neil Skinner aka MC Cyclone, and they are back with a bang with their new EP Hit The Reset/Lethality In Progress, full of hard beats, high octane build ups and their signature 303 acid that takes UK hard dance to a new level.

Kutski presents Keeping The Rave Alive Episode 350


Public Domain - Hit The Reset

Alex Kidd - Give It Up
Dr. Rude - Revolution
Retrospect - Make Me Stay
B-Front - Darkness Inside You

Does It Sound Good At 170?
Commander Tom - Are Am Eye

Hardest Record In the World
Nosferatu - Poppin Pistols

Fracus & Darwin - 8Bit Is Everything

Sample Mania
Beverley Craven - Promise Me
Technikore - 4am

KTRA 350 Special Mix
**Tracklist TBA

Final Vinyl
DJ Stompy - Give Me Your Love

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