Metta & Glyde - All Or Nothing OUT NOW

Ascension Music
December 6, 2017

A production that lives up to its name. The debut release from the new forminable force on the trance scene, dynamic duo Metta & Glyde. Full of raw emotion, All or Nothing is an energetic 138 blend of euphoric riffs, heavenly plucks, a driving bassline and a divine melody that is simply spine tingling. This debut is full on, no half measures. It is... All or Nothing.

As supported by Bjorn Akesson on episode 031 of the Bjorn Akesson Podcast.

Ashley Waters (Goodgreef resident) 9/10 "Huge track. Massive debut. Only good things can come in the future from these two!"

Bjorn Akesson 7/10 "Nice Melody"

Public Domain 9/10 "Liking this guys, nice"

Para X 7/10

Mike PUSH 10/10

Madwave 8/10


Metta & Glyde All Or Nothing is out now on Ascension Music. Buy your copy at: Beatport | iTunes | Trackitdown | Juno Download | Amazon MP3 | Google Play

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