Pioneer Releases RekordBox 5

The new version of the essential DJ software has some impressive updates and features.

Good news for the DJ community and the Pioneer loyalists, the brand has announced a new development in their digital DJ solution. Behold, RekordBox 5.

The newly designed software offers an improved user interface and benefits that not only make it more convenient but also lighter on the CPU. Powered by their new KORETECH engine, Pioneer RekordBox is designed to be more lightweight and stable for both audio and video. Unlike previous versions, you can export your tracks from USB/SD to your core library. The new update also allows users to scroll through faster and experience faster load up times, optimising th programs performance without losing sound quality, allowing for an improved experience.


Alongside the new RekordBox update is a brand new piece of performance hardware, the Pioneer DDJ-XP1. Essentially it is a launch pad with a 32 button interface controlling all the features from hot cues, key shift, effects and much more. Retailing at around £225, the device embrace RekordBox controls and is designed to work alongside DVS, DJ Controllers and HID mode with the likes of Serato.


Ascension director and producer Fullerlove is a real fan of RekordBox. "Embracing digital files with industry standard hardware without the need of a laptop was a great move by Pioneer, though the inability to transfer from a USB to your core library was a chore. The new update is warmly welcomed. Nice one Pioneer".

RekordBox 5 is available for free download, find links on the Pioneer website.

Charlotte Mills McCabe

Co-Founder and Marketing Director of Ascension® Music. Ascension® is the euphoria of the melody, the energy of the build up and the drive of the bassline. Ascension® is the raw emotion that makes music magical. She is the lazer lights in the dark. She is the energy that connects us all with the world around us. Ascension® is the fabrics of our universe and the cells that make us, all dancing to the rhythm of life. We are the Ascensionites.