Sidious J - Technical Detail OUT NOW

Love your techno? Building up some great momento on the promo rounds, Sidious J is darker than a double espresso!

Ascension Music
September 29, 2017

There are some tracks that if they were characters, you wouldn't want to bump into them down a dark alley. They are like something from a Stephen King novel. Hailing from the hills of Ayrshire, Ascension® Music welcomes the sinister sounds of Sidious J.

Fuelled with audio anarchy, Sidious J is the brainchild of Public Domain producer James Allan, taking a side tour down the underground techno route. His debut Technical Detail is a full on, dark, driving techno monster of a track with a real edge. Laden with heavy basslines, spacey synth bleeps, haunting vocal shots and a chunky percussion, Technical Detail is a twisted infusion of modern techno and tech house, taking the listener on a mesmerising trip to Wonderland and beyond.

John Gibbons 9/10 "Big Tune".

Nick Larson "Awesome tune. Up in my next podcast". 

Dancing Astronaut "The most decent techno I've heard submitted to us by a long shot".

River Beats "This is the song you would hear as soon as you walk in to a warehouse full of Techno-enthusiasts dancing their butts off".

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