The Ascensionite Family Grows

New artists join the Ascensionite family with stunning debuts

After great releases from some amazing artists, the Ascension family has began to grow with some awesomely talented producers joining the label and others making their first ever production debuts.

Hailing from the Midlands UK, comes Phil Stringer, better known as Sulaco. Fuelled by his love for all sounds uplifting and his many pilgrimages to Gatecrasher and Godskitchen, Sulaco fuses a driving modern sound with some classic euphoria. His debut Oxytocin aired on Sean Tyas' Degenerate radio and received praise from the likes of Alex MORPH and M.I.K.E Push plus many more. His brand new forthcoming EP is set to take off, watch this space.

Making his debut on Ascension with his unique mix of uplifting sounds comes Ayrshire's Craig Miller. The former student of Public Domain's James Allan airs his first ever production with the stunning 'Drift Away'. Featuring club and original mixes, Craig Miller has crafted his own blend of euphoric melodies with a Balearic twist, coupled with an energetic drive that gives his debut a real epic feel.

Taking a more twisted, edgy approach to the trance genre, comes the progressive vibes from Yuri Yavorovskiy. The Russian producer makes his Ascension debut with the raw sounds of Loading Overload, a monster blend of uplifting leads, thundering drums and a seismic bassline.

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