The Return Of Swiss Music Maestro Nick Larson

There is a name that runs through the tranquil hills of Switzerland. It's not CERN, nor is it Toblerone. It is none other than electronic dance maestro Nick Larson.

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September 21, 2017

There is a name that runs through the tranquil hills of Switzerland. It's not CERN, nor is it Toblerone. It is none other than electronic dance maestro Nick Larson, who makes an epic return to the scene with his stunning piano house anthem and Ascension® debut, Girls

Taking a new direction, Nick is excited about a fresh new chapter and making the music he loves. We caught up with Nick ahead of his new projects to talk Street Parade Logic X and school discos.

Describe your music in three words 

Groove, tribal and fun

It's great to have you back in music. Your sound has changed from the tech-trance you were famed for. What started the new direction?

Hmmm… For me it's not really a new direction. I think the groove and beat are a bit the same just some new sounds and the BPM has changed.

What’s the club scene like in Switzerland? The club scene is difficult. We have 2-3 clubs there are great but many other venues and small events play 90% classics sound.

We've heard many good things about the annual Street Parade. Have you played there? Yes it's a great event with over a million people and yeah I have already played for 4-5 times there.


There are a lot of talented producers coming out of Switzerland. What’s the secret? Yes that’s right. I think we still got good talents but now it's much easier to bring out the sound over the world network with platforms like Soundcloud Facebook, YouTube, etc.

You made some great tracks with Randy Katana and Vicky Divine. Are you planning any more collaborations?

Yes some very cool collaborations are in progress. 

"Girls" is a stunning house track and we're proud to have you board at Ascension. How does it feel to be part of the new venture?

It feels great. Ascension supported me early on in the international music scene so there was no question to do a release for Ascension Music.


Who are your producer/musician influences? My producer influence is Mac Zimms! For me he is one of the biggest and best producers all time.

How did you get into DJing? Oooohhh I was 13 years old when I starting to organize school discos and step-by-step I found the passion in the music and mixing. When I was 16 years old I bought my first pair of Technics 1210 MKII.

DJing: vinyl, CD, USB or laptop? From 1996-2007 Vinyl / 2008-2015 CD and from 2015 USB 

What is the very first vinyl or CD that you ever bought? My first vinyl B.B.E ‘Seven Days & One Week’.


What's the most recent track that you bought? Faithless ‘Insomnia’.


What are your five all time favourite tracks?

Tiesto “Traffic”

Nick Larson “Barock”

Mac & Mac ”Listen

”Faithless “Insomnia”

B.B.E “Seven Days & One Week”

What DJs inspired you? 

There are a lot of DJs. One of my favourite DJ inspirations is Quentin Mosimann. He is still crazy on stage and a real musician. 

What's your favourite part of the world to DJ?


Your best gig ever? 

My best gig ever? Hmmm not such an easy question, all gigs are great in their own way.

Any odd gigs or embarrassing moments? 

Ah yes. When I was 18 I played in front of 8000 people in Germany (Hannover). It was amazing, so crazy but I was so nervous. 

Where do you prefer to DJ, club or festival? 

I like both but I like club more than festival. I think clubs are more intimate.

All DJs have a pose when they play. What's yours? 

My pose???? I'm on my feet :-)

What DAW do you use? 

Logic X

What is your essential studio tool? 

I have quite a few. Logic X,  Apogee duet iOS, KRK VXT6 monitors, M-Audio Keystation and Sennheiser HD650.

Are there any plugins or hardware you recommend?

ReFX’s Nexus2

Lennar’s Sylenth

Reveal Sound’s Spire

How long did it take you to make music professionally? Did you have any training? 

You never stop learning. It’s an endless journey of new discoveries.

What do you love doing outside of music? 

Being with my family and friends and walking my lovely dogs. 

What has been the high point of your career to date? 

Hearing my tracks on BBC Radio One.

Who do you rate as an up-and-coming DJ producer? 

There are many great new talents today.

What advice would you give to an aspiring DJ? 

Make your own music, sound like yourself, think outside the box, don’t copy others. Let your personality shine through.

Nick Larson “Girls” is out now to buy on MP3/AAC/WAV/FLAC

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