Under The Hood: Ascension Meets Sidious J

The Ascension® Music team meets the Ayrshire techno maestro for a glimpse into the dark and twisted sounds of the myserious DJ producer.

Andy Fullerlove
March 25, 2018

Some things only happen once in a blue moon. Say an eclipse or a lottery win. Other things, even rarer. We head to the rolling hills of Ayrshire for an exclusive interview with the illusive, mysterious guise of techno's Sidious J. After making his debut on Ascension® Music with Technical Detail and a truly dark and underground remix of Public Domain's smasher Amsterdam,  we delve into the unknown and talk one-to-one with the man under the hood and explore the All Intelligent Mind.

What three words would describe your sound?

Dark underground man.

You hail from Ayrshire, a beautiful place, how would describe the Scottish club scene?

Its fairly varied to be honest, glasgow has just lost a nother fantastic venue due to fire, RIP Victorias.

Who inspired you as a producer?

No one and everyone, music is life and life is welcome here.

Any DJs you look up to?

Everyone taller than me.

What are your top 5 techno tracks of all time?

Hmmm, not sure to be honest. There are releases on Mark Sherry's Techburst label that rock, but I'll revert back to question 3, music is life.


Are there any tracks on Beatport/Trackitdown/Juno you really rate right now?

It is not quite the dark tech sound I produce but I'd recommend Calvin Logue Warrior EP out now on Doorn Records.


Your techno sounds have a real edge to them with some seriously heavy basslines. What inspired your direction?

Clubbing in my youth, sitting in a certain state of mind and all you hear/feel is the bass ripping through you, that inspires my basslines.

Your debut Technical Detail on Ascension® Music is a beast of a track. Can we expect more like this from you in the months ahead?

100%. There are already a few releases locked down now.



What is techno to you?

Underground vibes man. No frills or hipsters.

What is your studio essential tool?

Fabfilter Pro-Q 2.


Logic, FL, Cubase or Ableton?


What does Sidious J do outside of music?


Who do you rate as a name to look out for?

Calvin Logue. Already making big waves now.

What advice would you give up and coming producers?

You need to work your ass off to make it happen. One day of sunshine doesnt make a summer.

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All Intelligent Mind is out April 2nd 2018, buy your copy at: Beatport | Amazon | Juno Download

Technical Detail is out now, buy/stream at: Beatport | iTunes | Amazon | Spotify

Public Domain Amsterdam (Sidious J Remix) is out now, buy/stream at: Beatport | iTunes | Amazon | Spotify

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