Welcome News For London Nightlife: Mayor Sadiq Khan Announces New Plan

The new Agent of Change will see developers cover the costs of soundproofing

Andy Fullerlove
December 6, 2017

There is great news coming from the office of the Mayor of London. The new London Plan draft from Sadiq Khan outlines measures to protect pubs, clubs and live music venues from developers.

The new Agent of Change principle will make it compulsory for any developer building new residential properties next to existing pubs and clubs, to cover the costs for adequate soundproofing for the building.

Sadiq Khan has put culture at the heart of the new London Plan. It sets out to make London a 24-hour city, protecting venues, artist studio spaces and also plans to establish Creative Enterprise Zones.

“London is the world leader for culture and creativity... and I want to ensure that we create an environment where artists and creatives can flourish. Culture also plays a vital role in bringing people from all backgrounds together and I want every Londoner to have the opportunity to access culture on their doorstep. Without culture, London would lose its spirit and soul, and I’m proud that my draft London plan is the most pro-culture yet."


Articles from various publications in 2015 headlined that half of the UK's nightclubs had closed over the past decade. Citing a variety of reasons including changes to the licensing laws, new youth trends and social media to mention a few, the main reason many managers and venue owners highlighted was the threat from planning development, especially new residential blocks. London has lost iconic venues including The End, AKA and Turnmills to list a few. Even Ministry of Sound had a near scare with the threat of closure.

More details on the London Plan can be read here at the official London government website.

Andy Fullerlove

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